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Heath Ledger Joker Mural

Found this wandering down Flinders Lane, Melbourne - at least I think it was Flinders Lane.
EDIT: Wandered back there, it was in fact Hosier Lane in Melbourne

Anyhow struck up a conversation with another admirer of the mural who stated that Heath’s portrayal of the Joker was a complete rip of Jack Nicholson. While I conceded that visually there is only so much you can do with the iconic appearance. I had to disagree with her.

Comparing the scripts of the Burton and Nolan Jokers are so far apart. Burton’s Joker was melodramatic insanity, whereas Nolan take was anarchistic thug who was about as funny as being stabbed - in the face!

Anyhow after taking these pics on my phone Google Goggles chimes into the debate returning with this.

 You win this round google goggles.

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