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While evolutionary psychology suggests that women pass on casual sex due to an inherent lack of sexual desire, Conley says there’s an entirely different reason. She posits that women say “thanks, but no thanks” for fear of being judged. She also says that women have serious reservations about whether a one-night stand would be enjoyable with a new partner. She tries to explain to men, “The reason women are turning you down for casual sex seems to be that, for one thing, a lot of you are calling them sluts afterward.” Also, “A lot of you aren’t bothering to try to be good in bed.” Preach.

Women Want Sex & That’s What’s Up - Vanessa Golembewski (via honeyedheroine: ladonnapietra: note-a-bear: menstruatepowerfully)

There is a massive list of reasons that a woman would refuse an offer for casual sex from a stranger in the street, all of which make much more sense than the one explanation that we were given in my social psych lecture: that women desire sex less than men do. As well as the reason listed above, the societal expectation that nice, good women merely put up with sex to satisfy their male partners, they do not enjoy it, much less actively seek it out (the expectation that is taught to them since birth), there is of course:

  •  the higher risk of being harmed/abducted/murdered 
  • the higher risk of being harmed/abducted/murdered
  • the higher risk of being harmed/abducted/murdered

That women pass on casual sex from strange men DOES NOT logically signify a lesser sex drive, and I could not believe that it’s being taught as such. The sociocultural aspects seem so obvious, I could not believe they were completely overlooked in favour of it being read as clear ‘evidence’ of a natural biological disparity in the size of sex drives. Bullshit. This is what happens when social psych research exists in a vacuum, without input from, or even a moment’s consideration of other disciplines like anthropology or sociology or common sense. 

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Reblogging for great justice

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Never knowing where on scale that has luminaries such as Josh Homme, Shirley Manson, and High Overlord David Bowie - you are positioned.

I guess as long it is above Carrot Top aka Scott Thompson…

Trent Reznor & Mariqueen Maandig - Nine Inch Nails

Bonus: Got some How To Destroy Angels, songs mid way through the set.

Josh Homme - Queens of the Stone Age







aw man christians have it tough in a nation built for christians by christians and run by christians. :-/ 



"Men’s Thoughts."

So damn accurate. It’s almost like Men’s Rights Activists don’t actually care about the rights of men of color or LGBTQIAP+ men. Just, ya know, white, straight, cis, Christian men. 

I kind of know where this would go

I’d really like to express my belief that the idea of “this person is more deserving than this other person” is a wicked problem. But then I sort of get the feeling that the irony of situation would be lost on many.
Oppression/subjugation of any segment of the population doesn’t auto-magically empower another. Even in situations where we don’t agree, or relate to either population segment.

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The Emperor’s New Clothes and Real Value

This link appeared on my Facebook feed, in which it stated that a store trading in Cape Town, South Africa under the name “Polo” is not related to anyway to Polo Ralph Lauren. All this has never been hidden and is completely legit, this merely a matter of company in South Africa successfully capitalising on a lifestyle image. For further context, going on timelines provided the Cape Town store appeared during a period of increasing trade embargoes against the apartheid government.

What strikes me about the reactions (both in the article and around it) is a sense, of well I guess - entitlement. Best summed up as “I paid a lot of money for thing, and it isn’t worth as much as the thing I expected” 

Now ever the pragmatist, I feel there are some factors being overlooked here. These are all my opinion, and their validity is totally disputable:

  1. Diminishing returns on high end goods. I refuse to believe that difference in functionality, purpose, workmanship between a shirt costing $50 and $100 translates into $50 of value. For every dollar spent above median price, you’re not necessarily guaranteed a dollar’s worth of value. 
  2. Style note that I didn’t list style in point 1 when speaking about diminishing returns. As I believe it to be something you can and should separate from the cost. If you really like something, should not be dependent on the price thereof. As that’s how you land up purchasing expensive things, that aren’t what you expect.
  3. Context, I feel like I really don’t even a place to speak about this, as I’m guilty of it too. South Africa is country ravaged by endemic poverty, so to cry foul that you’ve spent more money than some entire families survive off of in a single month.

The moral of story, when purchasing do your homework. Even more so now that we’re starting to get the idea of questioning where and how our products are sourced into popular consciousness.

Footnote: I don’t have the answers and realise this just my opinion and there exists a very good possibility that I’m not as “right” as I like to think I am. Take from this rant what you will.

Because doing this on my own isn’t fun. Truth be told the result of having 1000s of people attempting to control the keyboard at once would probably be as good as I’m doing on my own - trying to be serious about it.

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